About Anestar Group of Schools

Little About Anestar Group of Schools

Background Information

The school is situated in Lanet area which is about 13km of Nakuru town on your way to Dundori Centre. • It was started in the year 2001 By Mr. and Mrs. Gatimu who had great vision of provision Secondary School Education to a large number of students. • The school started as a mixed day and boarding secondary school with a small population of 72 students. • There were 5 teachers then and the school’s first principal was Mr. James Kamunge who served in the school till the year 2014. • In the year 2003 the school presented 42 candidates in the first K.C.S.E Exam and all of them passed with C plain and above. The school had a mean score of 6.8. • In the following year, the mean score shot to 7.2 and in 2005 it again shot up to 7.4. it continued to rise till 2013 when it attained a mean score 10.49. • In the year 2006 the girls and boys were separated. Anestar precious girls was started in the same year. • The girls were to sit for their first K.C.S.E two years later, in 2008 and they started with a mean score of 7.4. There were 156 candidates in that year. • In 2011 Anestar Boys High School Lanet was started and half of the population was taken there. • They were to do their first K.C.S.E exam one year later i.e. 2012 and they started with a mean score of 10.33. • Due to its continued good performance in K.C.S.E Exam, this school has been elevated to National Schools in the Private Schools category. • The school is currently undergoing a major face lift of its facilities in order to match this new status.


What we offer

We offer the Kenyan 8.4.4 System. Our students join in form one and sit the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education after four years of study. Over the years, we have been ranked as one of the best performing schools. We have both boys and girls secondary schools.
In the primary section of Anestar Group of schools, there is the upper primary that starts from class 4 all the way to class 8 where pupils sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education(KCPE). We have a boys boarding primary(Anestar Prestige Academy) and mixed boarding primary. There is also the day school primary.
The lower Primary ranges from class one to three. Here pupils are well prepared for the upper primary level by our qualified teachers. We have a boys boarding primary(Anestar Prestige Academy) and mixed boarding primary. There is also the day school primary.
There is anestar pre-primary section that takes 2 years.


It takes 4 years to finish the secondary education level in Kenya and a student is supposed to .attempt the final examination (KCSE) after finishing.
It takes 8 years to finish the primary education in Kenya and a pupil is supposed to attempt the KCPE examination after finishing.
For one to join the primary level, he/she has to go through the pre-primary level that takes about 2 years.